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**Please do not send complete manuscript. We accept query letters only.

You don't have to be a published writer to have a book considered by Silverton Press.


DO YOUR RESEARCH - How is your book unique? Survey similar available titles. Is your approach original?

MAKE AN OUTLINE -Start with a statement of purpose. Why are you writing and who are you writing for? Then make a topic outline of the subjects covered. Circulate your outline among others in the field to obtain suggestions.

WRITE A SUMMARY - How your book is unique, who will want to buy it and why, your qualifications to write it, and what the reader will get from the book, i.e., a skill, new information, etc.

Suggested reading:

-The Chicago Manual of Style, University of Chicago Press. Silverton uses this manual for copy editing.

-Edit Yourself, Bruce Ross-Larson. W. W. Norton & Co., NY. Concise and helpful.


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